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Ecrit le : 25/01/2014 15:14 par Simon1982

Bonjour à tous et toutes,

Je viens d'accepter un nouveau chalenge et, j'aimerais m'y préparer au mieux.

Pourriez-vous me donner conseils, matière à revoir, livres à acheter,... afin d'être prêt pour mes grands débuts ;)

Voici les détails du poste :

Role & responsibilities:

 To ensure the accurate Reporting

 To supervise accurate bookkeeping through an efficient and integrated process, making use of available tools and working in close cooperation with other functional sections of the Finance department

 To ensure that accuracy of payroll accounting activity

 To ensure timely and accurate closings in multiple GAAP

Job Description

 To ensure the correct reporting of actuals in compliance with group accounting rules

 To ensure the timely and accurate reporting of Sales, Stocks, P&L and Balance Sheet

- Internally: before final submission to Group, to the Accounting and Reporting management, in order to validate the integrity of all results

- Externally: for final submission to the internal and external Group reporting department

 To work closely with the General Accounting section in order to download accurate information from SAP

 Ensure the timely and accurate reporting of intercompany transactions (P&L) and account balances via the appropriate communication with F.S.S.

 Follow up mismatched company transactions and collect the required information to solve potential issues

 Provide the Accounting and Reporting Management team with a specific, updated reporting to correctly manage and organize tasks

 To manage in-house and outsourced relationships as regards Group payroll, ensuring accuracy and reporting from an Accounting point of view

 To supervise GAAP and IFRS Accounting entries and processes during closing in order to prepare monthly, quarterly and yearly reports

 Act as a Local Key User in the Accounting and Reporting department for all SAP-related matters and projects

 Keep abreast of the evolution and changes relating to the systems used to carry out daily activity (SAP, HFM..) in order to ensure full control on an ongoing basis

 Draw up fiscal files following the Tax Department requirements

Je vous remercie d'avance pour toute votre aide precieuse.

Re: Conseils préparation futur job

Ecrit le : 06/02/2014 18:59 par Gerard510

Bon courage pour ton challenge!

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